Acoustic neuroma is a non-cancerous tumour araising from the eighth cranial nerve (also known as the vestibulocochlear nerve), the nerve which connects the inner ear with the brain and involved in transmitting sound as well as sending balance information from the inner ear to the brain.


There has been increasing importance in evaluating long-term quality of life outcomes in patients with acoustic neuroma extirpated. Following to an excision surgery via the Translabyrinthine approach, two main questionnaires - the well-known SF-36 and a generic post-operative quality of life survey - have been completed by 500 eligible patients.

Study Objectives

We aimed to investigate the association between tumour size and quality of life following the acousitic neuroma excision.

Dissemination of Project Outputs

Detailed methods, analysis and the findings are reported in a journal paper that should be soon submitted for publication:

  • Mandavia A, Broomfield SJ, Nicholson J, Mahmoud O, Ramsden RT: Long Term Quality of Life Following Acoustic Neuroma Excision via the Translabyrinthine Approach.