Teaching is a key dimension of my career and is an activity that I have great passion for. My teaching experience is extensive with a wide variety of skills covering different teaching environments, class sizes and cultural settings.

University of Essex - 2020 onward

I am teaching the following modules:

Masters in applied Data Science:

Undergradute levels:

University of Bristol

Alongside my current research-based role at the Faculty of Health Sciences, I am engaged in variety of teaching duties including teaching quantitative research methods and applied statistics within medical domain for undergraduate students.

Modules include:

  • Quantitative Research Methods (Spring term - 2018/2019).
  • Quantitative Research Methods (Spring term - 2016/2017).
  • Quantitative Research Methods (Spring term - 2015/2016).
  • Computer labs using statistical packages (Spring term - 2015/2016)


University of Essex

As a graduate teaching assistant - from 2012 to 2015 - at the department of Mathematics, I have taught undergraduates a number of statistical modules, led computer labs and evaluated graduate projects.

Modules include:

  • MA207: Probability and Statistics I (Autmn term 2013/2014).
  • MA208: Linear models (Spring term 2013/2014).
  • MA208: Probability and Statistics II (Spring term 2012/2013).
  • MA308: Linear models (Spring term 2011/2012).

Helwan University

My teaching experience has been commenced at the department of Applied Statistics, where I worked as a tutor then assistant lecturer in Statistics - from 2004 to 2011. Duties included teaching large (500 - 1000 students) as well as small (less than 50 students) groups.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to Statistics.
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics.
  • Multivariate Analysis.
  • Introduction to Theory of Statistics.
  • Sampling Methods.
  • Experimental Design.
  • Stochastic processes.